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They care the same way we care about the environment, about taking actions to change the world and make it a better place to live, they want to help, be part of something big, feel inspired by kindness and solidarity.

We genuinely care about our planet and it´s future. Sustainability is in and there are now more ways than ever to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. The new generations are showing signs of a major shift in green attitudes and behaviour.

Eco-consciousness is becoming a lifestyle and recently it has begun to show leadership in the sustainable marketplace. The environment is trending. With concerns continuing to grow for the planet, eco-friendly innovations are popping up in many aspects of life. LEAF, as a new social-minded footwear company is initializing sustainable practices, while our costumers are becoming eco-savvy and willing to invest in our eco-friendly products.

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People like YOU are changing the world!

Young challengers caring about the future, equality, sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We believe in a fair and poverty free society. We believe that most people are willing to help, but in their daily activities it ́s difficult to find the means to this end. With your purchase you generate a positive impact in the world, that´s why we ask you to spread happiness and help us help other. We want to build step by step a better world.

We love hearing stories of our fans after buying our shoes: they wear them with pride and want to tell the whole world who made them and that they are developed with recycled materials, helping the world to be a better place, improving the future of so many, generating hope and happiness.

We propose not only to imagine the future we want to enjoy, buy actively create it. Our mission isn´t only to create products we are proud of, but also that people love and are proud to wear. We are passionate about bringing the best products to our customers building step by step a better world.

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